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It is quite hard for each of us to choose a holiday destination, and that’s why we need some good recommendations that can help us make a great choice. If you want to visit something different this time, then we recommend you South Korea. From many points of view this place is considered a fantastic one, and after we have made some research this is our opinion as well. Take a look at the following amazing attractions in South Korea so that you can draw your own conclusion.

Seongsan Sunrise Peak

This massive volcanic crater is absolutely amazing. It has been created 5000 years ago, by the hydrovolcanic eruptions. This is a UNESCO heritage site and it is famous for lots of things. There are many rare plant species and an amazing sight of the sun rising over it. Everything here is wonderful, and you will surely not regret visiting Seongsan Sunrise Peak.

Ggotji Beach

This beach is amazing thanks to its cream color and fine sand. The Ggotji Beach is ideal for watching the sun sinking into the ocean between the two large rock formations called Granny Rock and Grandpa Rock. Many photographers also come here to take some amazing shots. This location has a beautiful legend which says that the wife of a base commanding officer in the Shilla Dynasty actually became the Granny Rock after she has died, waiting faithfully for her husband. Keep in mind that visiting South Korea on your own is not a disadvantage because you can easily request the services of an Seoul escort. These girls can accompany you to any place you want so that you do not feel alone.

Gwang-An Bridge

This bridge, also called the Diamond Bridge connects Suyeong-gu and Haeundae-gu and it provides a spectacular view of the sandy beaches, mountains, hills, and also city lights. The state-of-the-art light system of Gwang-An Bridge is amazing, and you must not forget to see the whole structure in the night. There are over 100 000 colors. Can you just imagine how beautiful it looks in the night? This is without a doubt a must see attraction in South Korea.

Jeungdo Salt Farm

The clear seawater, salt farms, and soft beach make this place an amazingly beautiful one. Tourists can also explore the marine life of the mud flat at the Jeungdo Salt Farm. This is an interesting place to go in South Korea, and we highly recommend it to anyone who plans to visit this country.

Haeinsa Temple, Hapcheon

The Tripitaka Koreana is the oldest intact Buddist canon in the world. It is housed in the 1200-year-old Haeinsa Temple. In this temple, you will also find a storage hall of Buddhist Sutras which is a UNESCO world heritage.

Yeojwa Stream

Another amazing South Korea’s attraction is Yeojwa Stream. The cherry blossom road that takes you to this location is extremely beautiful. This is a very romantic place and therefore, perfect for couples. The blossoms can be more appreciated at night when all those pale flowers glow very nicely against the dark sky. If you really want to have a fantastic holiday in South Korea, then you must take into consideration all the places mentioned in this article, and visit as many as you can.