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A fantastic holiday requires a very good plan made ahead of time. There are a few important details that if are taken into account can make you have a fantastic time. These days, increasingly more people choose to visit Taiwan, as this place is without a doubt an amazing one. If you have in mind to do the same in the near future, then you will certainly find very useful this article, as we are going to show you some lovely places to visit in Taiwan.

National Palace Museum

Here, you will see one of the most impressive collections of imperial artifacts. The entire place is full of history and you will definitely like it. There are displayed thousands of items, each of them with an incredible history. All these items fled mainland China, and they were actually rescued by Chiang Kai-shek’s government.

Taroko Gorge

Well, this location looks like it’s surreal. It is amazingly beautiful and scary at the same time. If you suffer from altitude sickness, then it is not recommended to visit this place. The whole journey to Taroko Gorge lasts a few hours by train from Taipei. There is also a stunning waterfall you must not miss, and for going to that location you will need to take the trail to the Eternal Spring Shrine. For relaxation and peace of mind, Taroko Gorge is excellent.

Yushan National Park

A very beautiful National Park in Taiwan that plenty of tourists all over the world visit it every year, is Yushan. There are several picturesque peaks such as Sanqingshan. The views are amazing, absolutely perfect to take some incredible shots. Yushan is actually the setting for Taiwan’s tallest mountain.

Alishan Scenic Mountain Area

If you are a romantic person, then this place in Taiwan is perfect for you. You will have the chance to admire one of the most amazing sunsets in the world from this location. The Alishan Scenic Mountain Area is good for meditation and contemplation. The journey to this mountain area is a bit long, but what you will see year will compensate for the effort.

Taipei 101

Another lovely place to visit in Taiwan is Taipei 101, an impressive building with a 728-ton mass damper. Thanks to its massive construction, the building has actually survived the island’s many earthquakes. Therefore, if you are traveling to Taiwan, then you must see this attraction, as it is iconic to this place.

Sun Moon Lake

Here, everything looks like it is from another world. This is the largest body of water in Taiwan and the perfect place in case you want to have a short trip. The beautiful color of the lake with the mountains behind creates a landscape that you will absolutely love. The Sun Moon Lake also has a cable car that can take you to the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village. Whether you want to just contemplate or to see amazing landscapes and take beautiful pictures, all these attractions presented in this article will surely help you achieve your goal.